Thursday, June 30, 2005

NP - When Day Descends - Suppression

Props to Dave Caswell for this amazing music. I would recommend it to anyone. Suppression is the latest track, and probably the one with the best production. But all his music is amazing. Instrumental, atmospheric, progressive, experimental guitar. Wonderful wonderful wonderful.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

*deep breath* .....OMANTEL.

NP - Bazra - Kitchen and Bazra - Ouo on repeat

I got woken up thrice this morning. First SMS was from a friend in Kuwait, the second was from Omantel, and the third was from Omantel. One SMS was welcomed: 2 were not. No prizes for guessing which were not welcomed.

The first is one, I kid you not, I get every morning. I have not read it once, but I think it has to do with the Omantel stock. Newsflash: I GOT THE MESSAGE THE FIRST TIME (actually, I didnt, but I dont plan on ever reading it fully).

The second message, I was half asleep, but when I tried to read it...well, all I remember is Omantel, Marriage counselling and circuses. Clearly that was my muddled brain interpreting it wrong, but Omantel should still get their statistics straight. Im not married, and even if I was, I wouldnt go to those clowns at Omantel for marriage counselling!

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Friday, June 24, 2005

This Holiday

Got back to Oman this morning after a terrible terrible flight. Despite yesterday's madness, I'm feeling extremely happy to be back, and very very optimistic about the coming holiday.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

My Last Day In The UK This (Academic) Year

I feel like I should make some monumental post. Some long, touching post, summing up my experiences here: hopes, dreams, loves, fears. The lessons I learnt, the people I came across, etc.

I can't be bothered. But I'll make an effort to make a more or less relevant post. But thats the beauty of blogs: I can always come back later and post anything I forgot.

1. The Puke

Went to a theme park on Saturday past. It was good, had good fun, sat in the front of one of the craziest rollercoasters I've ever been on (that was nuts I tell you). It was a super-hot day, probably the hottest of the year, and I got dehydrated pretty quick. On the way back, I felt I had to throw up. And throw up I did. Out the window of my friends car, going 90 miles an hour.

See, this is why I should have studied physics instead of economics. In physics, all the truth is revealed in its complex glory. In economics, we're too lazy for that, so we [b]assume[/b]. When throwing up, I [b]assumed[/b] that, by sticking my head out the window, it would all go outside.

I assumed wrong.

Oh, half of it went outside. It splashed the side of the car, and caught some idiot in a blue mini. That was funny. That was really funny, because in the midst of the after-puke mayhem, this guy pulls aside us, honks, and gives me the finger. Me, dazed and feeling week, return the love.

Half of it went inside too. Apparently its called "crosswinds", something my economist breed know nothing about. I actually hit 2 side windows on the opposite side of the car...and all in between, including my 2 friends.

Oh, it was the most embarassing moment of my life, which makes me question why I'm posting it on my blog, revealing it to the world. I guess because I'm not ashamed as such. It was funny: we all had a good laugh at my expense, and I made up for it by buying them dinner and cleaning up the car afterwards. We'll be able to talk about this for a while, and it makes a great story.

Moral of the story? Hmm...if you gotta puke, make sure to hit some friends. Then you can laugh about it later. I guess.

2. Responsibiliy
There is one thing I've learnt this year that seems to stand out above everything else in my mind. When I was in Oman, I was content to let others take a leading role in things. You know, you can be group leader, I'll contribute, because you can do a better job than me surely. That kind of thing. When I came here, I found out (the hard way) that every single person is incompetent. Nobody knows their elbow from their butt, so to speak. Thats an exaggeration, but basically if you want something done, you bloody well have to do it yourself. Otherwise a) it wont get done b) it wont get done the way you want it to get done.

Oh, Im not saying be dictatorial, not listen to others, etc. By all means, listen, respond, delegate. But be in control, if something is important to you. Don't rely on the ability of others, because you have it in you, if you desire, to get a job done better than anyone else.

Thats it for now I guess. Hmm.

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NP - Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Can't Stop

My order came in from Amazon today - on time and complete. Which is really cool. I just cant help but wonder, if I hadn't sent that email, would I have got it all on time? Somehow I doubt it.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2005


NP - The Mars Volta - Televators,2763,1511179,00.html?gusrc=rss

Check out the picture. Its amazing (except that the guy looks like a monkey...). Stonehenge is amazing. I really do wonder what it really was.

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NP - Rage Against The Machine - Killing In The Name

...I think I have a flair for the dramatic. It only appears every now and then though. How contrasting that is with the everyday me. Muahahah

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Monday, June 20, 2005


I've just been scarred for life. =(

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Sunday, June 19, 2005


NP - System Of A Down - Lost In Hollywood

Packing: headache. My room is tiny, and theres two big fat bags in the middle: one for Oman, one for storage. And theres still lots of stuff that I havent touched yet, at least half the stuff is still right there on the table, in the bathroom, on the floor, on the falls. I can't even move around my room, its nuts.

I dont know what to do with my tree. I might just stick it outside and pretend I dont know how it got there. And my piggy bank...jgposdjfpodsfkdsofd. This sucks!

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Amazon Suck Pt. II

NP - The Mars Volta - Cicatriz Esp.

First you need to read the below post. After you've done that, read this.

I got this email just now from help services. This is the exact text, and I kid you not: its quite stunning, and leads me to ask 'what the hell is going on here?'

Dear Customer Thank you for writing to
We apologise for the unexpected delay in dispatching your order #026-5560643-8188448. We confirm that your items are on hand and have already entered dispatch , and your package should leave our Fulfilment Centre soon.
It seems we sent you th E-mail regarding a delay in supply regarding "Number9dream" this sees to have been sent in error. Please rest assured that your order should still arrive by the estimated delivery date listed in Your Account: 23/06/2005.
On the date of dispatch, you will receive an e-mail message confirming the date, contents and method of delivery. If you have not received this dispatch e-mail within 48 hours, please use the following link to inform us and we will investigate this situation further:

Thank you again for shopping at We hope you enjoy your order.


What? WHAT? No really, WHAAAAT???? The first thing that comes to my mind is that they've rectified the mistake by 'making the item available'. Since my order was free shipping, I guess my items were of lower priority and so someone with higher priority took the book before I did. And they've simply fixed that because I was pissed :) I dont believe for a second that they sent me an email 'in error' because all the details on the website changed to reflect this 'error'.

Well, this is good I guess. I'm just curious as to what the real story is.

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Amazon Suck

NP - Coldplay - Yellow

A few posts back I talked about my Amazon order, and how smart I was. Bah, should have know better. Things always seem to get ruined.

One of the books went unavailable for another 1-2 weeks. So what do they do? They delay my entire order for 1-2 weeks. Instead of doing the right thing and sending the rest of the order and then this single book later. Oh no, they have to screw it up for all of us. The timing was tight anyway - the order was expected to arrive before I left. NOW, theres no chance I'll get it.

I decided to write them an email. Its so bloody hard to find how to email the bastards. They have 3 million help pages leading to 3 million different links. I think the point is to confuse you so much you just accept whatever they do to your order. Well, NOT ME. I found that email link, and sent them a pretty stern email. The way to do it is drop a hint of a threat, but not a real threat. Something like 'very disappointing. I expected better from such a large company with so many able competitors'. ZING! They don't want you to take your business elsewhere, so they'll try to compensate you.

I hope I'll be able to turn this to my advantage. The books would be heavy in my luggage anyway, and I wouldn't be reading them till I finish my current one. If I can get them to send it to me to Oman - free of charge - because of their terrible blunder, then....I win.


But I don't think thats very likely. Overseas shipping is kinda expensive. Well, we'll see.


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Friday, June 17, 2005

Mystery Solved!

NP - Evanescence - Field Of Innocence

Harry Potter! I talked to my mom today. A few days ago I asked her to ask my dad what this Harry Potter was all about. I knew he ordered a book or two, but not...HARRY POTTER? So she got back to me, apparently, my dad ordered some medical books (which I havent received yet), and as a GIFT, they send you this 3 ton Harry Potter book. Which I have to carry back to there it is, yippee.

Ooh, the strangest thing happened to me today :p. I met a Sabla member. At Friday Prayer, a guy comes up to me. I know him quite well, he's one of the only 2 other Omanis in my uni. And he asks me ''Are you PT?'' I was kinda shocked, and gave him this look :p Turns out hes King Of All. A Sabla member, here, and I didnt even know it! Lol, small world...

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Packing, Unpacking, Exploding

NP - Muse - Space Dementia

Got a little problem. I'm moving out of my room on the 23rd of June, but I dont move into the new house until 1st August (I wont be here, but thats when my lease starts). So I need a place to store my stuff until that time. My friend Ohms says that he can take on some of my stuff, but only a little because he doesn't have enough space. I've packed a bag to give him, but theres still lots of stuff left. I'm thinking I might leave it with Wass, but that guy is far too unreliable.

Basically, I have to divide my stuff into 3 groups:
1) to give to Ohms (done),
2) to store elsewhere (not done)
3) to take to oman - must not be too heavy.

This is becoming troublesome. My last resort is to stuff it all in SafeStore, but they charge like £50 for 3 months, or something like that, and I'd rather not do that, really.

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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Lo and behold! It works! A little soggy and disgusting, but edible (I think! We'll see what my stomach has to say tomorrow).

Oh yeah, read the previous post first :p

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Thursday, 16th June, 2004.

Time: 12:43
Weather: gloomy
mood: bored
stomach: rumbling

NP - System of a Down - Mesmerize (album)

Long day. It rained this morning, very lightly, but it was indeed bitter. I slept quite late last night, 2:30am, because I was ripping my audio CDs on to my harddrive - dont want to carry them all back to Oman with me. Woken up at 08:00 by a phone call. A friend decided it would be convenient to move out right now, and decided I would be awake to help him out. Can't really complain, he's helped me a lot this year, but he's a bit tactless. Very tactless. Theres this girl hes courting, and whenever she calls, he tells me to be quiet and talks to her. No ''sorry honey Im busy'', etc. No. He'll spend as much time as he wants on the phone with her. When she comes, he tells me to bugger off (before she arrives, thankfully). None of this in a maliceful way, he just doesn't realise its rude. I take it because I know hes an honest guy and doesn't mean it badly. He's genuine (I think) and I appreciate that. He's from Singapore.

Anyway, after helping him move his bags and stuff down two flights of stairs and to the taxi, I went back to my room and just kind of zoned out for a while. Undecided whether I would go back to sleep, or wait up, because my friend was coming over at 11:30 with his bass guitar, and we would jam till 2pm, and then go to the gym. That was plan. I decided I wanted to sleep so I called him and told I wanted to sleep. That was 11:00 - its 12:30 now, just woke up. Making myself some Quorn burgers (I loe Quorn) and wondering if oven chips can be microwaved...theres only one way to find out.

Yesterday my good friend moved out. This guy is so damn disorganised. And he owed me £230.00 ... deposit for the house we're renting next year. We barely got to the bus station in time after moving his stuff and pulling out the money - in cash (at the last minute).

I think I might miss this place. I mean, I'm moving just up the road...40 minute walk, 5 or 10 minute drive. I don't particularly enjoy living with strangers, but I think I did quite well. I didn't make the most of it, but it wasn't too bad. I became friends with one of them, Malaysian guy whos really cool. Got 'friendly' with 3 others: Ash, Chinese, William, Singaporean and Kim, English (Kim scares me sometimes, but shes okay). The other two are complete strangers to me. Claire I never see, and I dont see that other guy (I dont even remember his name) anymore...I think hes moved out. But during term he would blast his music every now and then, and sometimes leave beer bottles in the kitchen. But you know, you put up with these things (especially since he would sometimes leave his curtains open when making out with his girlfriend....and she was a hottie, muahahahah).

So can you microwave oven chips? Im about to find out. I bought food last week, lots of frozen, and remembered that I was moving out on thursday (Oman, here I come....hmmm....), so I need to get rid of this stuff fast. The solution - eat lots. I'm not complaining, I enjoy eating, and now that I'm going to the gym everyday for the last week (and the coming week, till I get to Oman) I need it. I hope this works, I dont like grilling these things. They arent even chips anyway, they are potato wedges..I dont know why I picked em out. I made a mistake anyway, because I accidentally chose ''hot and spicy'' ones. Oh well, if it doesn't kill you, it cripples you for life (makes you stronger? Pah, tell that to mr. one-legged war veteran).

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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Don't Imitate, Innovate

NP - Jamiroquai - Feels Just Like It Should .......... (YAAAAAHHH!!!)

I'm never satisfied with just reading a book, or listening to music. Well I am, but if the book is particularly good, or the music, I always get this urge to write my own. Some people (maybe most) are satisfied just to enjoy the works of others, but I'm not. Don't know whether its a good thing or a bad thing. With my music, I'm usually satisfied with my own creation, but when it comes to literature, I'm never happy with the short stuff I write...I guess I need more practice (kinda like my cooking actually - I love to be creative but I'm not good enough). So whenever now I read something particularly great I wanna write my own, but in advance I say 'well it will suck, so why bother'. This is bad. And I dont know what to do about it.

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Monday, June 13, 2005

It was bound to happen...

...I've lost my mind.

All this book ordering business has made me completely bonkers. I got a parcel in the mail today, which was a suprise because I wasn't expecting anything. Kinda big too. When I went to my room and opened it up, it was...a book. Now, I've also ordered books on request of my father and sister, but this couldn't be any of their books.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

Run that by me again? They didnt order this book, and neither did I. Or did I?? I'm not a big Potter fan, so I dont think I did...whats going on? Perhaps my alter-ego did it...I think I'm losing it for real...

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The Line Of Beauty

NP - Gardenian - Tell The World I'm Sorry

Im so smart. I went to town today to try to get that book, Shantaram, recommended by Mr. Muscati, and the new Coldplay CD for my sister. Expected prices: £7.99 for the book, £8.99 for the CD (the older coldplay CDs are all that price). Total: £17.98 (i think). I go, the book is £8.99 and the CD is a whooping £13.99. Total: £23.98. No sir, this won't do. So I go home, go to the book for something like £6.50 and the CD for £8.50. I also throw in a couple of other books to qualify for free shipping. So total: 3 books, 1 CD, £26.66. Not bad, I must say, especially since they were books I've wanted to get anyway.

Alan Hollinghurst - The Line Of Beauty. A book I've wanted to get since it won the Booker Prize last year (or was it this matter - the most recent one). That is until I read a review talking about its homosexual aspect. The whole book is about homosexuality. And yet, apprently its one of the most beautifully written books some reviewers have read. A tough choice...on the one hand, I anticipate a great read, on the other, I anticipate disgust. I remember 'The God Of Small Things', which was a very entertaining and yet disturbing book, which had mentions of incest which bothered me. The most heartbreaking thing is, I could have got The Line Of Beauty for £3.99 from Amazon instead of the usual £7.99. Oh! What a tough decision I had to make. I've put it off for now, since I already have enough books to keep my appetite sated for the summer. But eventually I'll crave new fiction, and I'm finding it difficult to keep up with myself these days. My parents are gonna kill me for bringing home 6 million books this summer - and for once, ALL for me, none for my bookaholic brother. Oh, woe is me, I'm going the way of the devil...

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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Review: Gardenian - Sindustries

Being bored, I searched my music collection and dug out this little gem...Gardenian - Sindustries. Listening to it now.

I remember the first Gardenian I heard was the album after this, Soulburner. I loved that album, because the songs were heavy and yet catchy as well. The production was good, and I loved both the cleans and death vocals. But I quickly got bored of that album, because the songs were too predictable, and didn't have much depth.

When I got this album, first thing I noticed was that it was very different. The production is a lot crapper - the death vocals are the same but sound worse (production) and the clean vocals are by a different guy and dont sound as smooth. Rawer, I guess. The songs were longer as well, I'd say averaging about 6 minutes each. I didn't like this album - back then I went for the more traditional song structure, and was a sucker for production. I didn't appreciate musicianship as much as I do now.

Though I feel like recently I've gone though a stagnant era when it comes to my musical exploration, I still appreciate this album now. I mean, after 6 months or so of first hearing this album I started to like it (not as bad as Arcturus - The Sham Mirrors, which went from being an overpriced piece of rubbish to one of the finest masterpieces I'd heard - over a year later...somethings need time to grow on you).

Anyway, this album I feel is a lot better than its predecessor. The choruses, despite the bad production, can still be pretty catchy, but are less mindlessly heavy. The weak production adds somewhat to the rawness of the guitartone, and gives it a certain headbangery quality.

Each song carries a good deal of emotion (the vibe I generally get is a kind of sorrowful anger, bittnerness I guess, which is to be expected). Right now I'm listening to Heartless, one of my favourite tracks on the album. The melody on the 2nd guitar, which is mostly covered by the rhythm guitar, closely follows the rhythm but adds a nice quality. The guitars die down to acoustics in the verse, where the clean vocalist comes in with lines like ''If I give you site, I will stab my eyes...'', before it breaks down into the chorus with catchy lines like ''So we made a mess of our lives | I'll paint your world in black, too cold for you to get out''. Well, I'm not praising their lyrical abilities, but the vocals work, thats what matters.

Other good songs on that album are Courageous, Long Snap To Zero, Sonic Death Monkey (I AM YOU AND YOU ARE ME, MY SONIC DEATH MONKEY!) and Funeral, which has a lovely acoustic opening, and is a good finishing track.

I wouldn't say its one of my favourite albums of all time, but its a good, solid album that doesn't get old quick.

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NP - Goo Goo Dolls - Iris

Its funny how things work. So lets say you're thrust into a new environment: be it a new circle of friends, moving to a new town, or even joining a message board of some sort. You go through phases. In the first phase, you're new. Everyone kinda likes you, because they dont know you, and you're still timid. After a short period of time, people really warm up to you, and you get more comfortable, and things are raging. You're the star (if you're lucky) and everyone really looks up to you and respects you. This lasts for a while and eventually dies down to a state of normalcy (sp?). Then, for reasons which are never clear, rumours start, or word goes around, and people start to look at you differently. Suddenly, people dont trust you. You have a history, or you're full of yourself, or some nonsense which often comes out of midair. Suddenly people dont like you anymore, and your social circle shrinks to what its always been: the core friends who were with you from the start.

I think this might also apply to famous people and media attention. A good example is Ronaldo, the football player, who quickly rose to become the darling of football media, before becoming a washed up nobody. Actually, the example might be completely unrelated, but its the first thing that comes to mind.

On another note, Im reading Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon, and despite the fact that its originally spanish, it does a great job of capturing so many things that are so hard to capture in words. Its already won me over, the way its just so atmospheric and sad, with little glimmers of hope and happiness sparkled throughout. I cant quite describe it just yet, because I haven't finished it, and I generally forget to write reviews of stuff. But its got its own magical little charm in the depths of the post-war gloom in which its set.

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We Subside

We Subside

And all our worlds subside
With everything inside
And always wonder why (we carry on)
And always wonder why (we sing this song)
And always wonder why (we carry on)
And always wonder why (now you are gone)

We'll carry on
We'll sing this song
To carry on.

- Pineapple Thief

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Thursday, June 09, 2005


Finally arrived in the mail, and I SWEAR the timing couldnt be better! First morning of freedom :D

Im listening to the first track, root of all evil right now. Lovely start, its awesome so far...but there is one bit where La Brie sounds like La Britney :s

LOL sorry Mbarak! :D

NP - Dream Theater - The Root Of All Evil

P.S. Listening on...theres a number of interesting suprises here ;)

A preliminary, first listen review will be along in a little while.

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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Worship Me

The sun is shining, the birds are singing. The snail crosses the footpath on its own leisurely pace. The mosquitos are making love like there's no tomorrow, and that mysterious cat is still in the kitchen waiting to be fed.

But I couldn't care less. I have one more exam, then freedom. MY freedom. An this exam is the perfect example of the point I'm attempting to prove: accounting.

Accounting: a man-made science. Pretty much everything about it is artificial. Humans designed profit and loss accounts, balance sheets, rules and regulations, all to impose on ourselves a certain order. Now thats fine, but I'm using accounting as a metaphor of what we've become.

We worship ourselves.

We praise the mind, we praise the contstructs of so-called humanity, we achieve greatness by pushing further and further ahead. New developments, new technologies, higher buildings, more money, better healthcare. But the whole reason behind this is subtly lost, as the sound of car engines drown out the sound of the birds.

I was reading the Da Vinci Code (I wont say its guided my thoughts these past few days, but its certainly caused me to go off on tangents when I should be studying), and it occured to me that we as humans require divinity, we need authority: something to look up to, and worship as it were. Perhaps its human nature, perhaps its something else.

SPOILERS ALERT - if you havent read the book, and are planning to, then there may be spoilers ahead. :)

The Priory of Sion, in the book, essentially protect the secret that Jesus is just a mortal man, who lived, loved and died. He was not the sun of God, and was in no way divine (apart from being a chosen messenger - the book doesnt delve into whether God exists or not, for which I'm grateful). So I liked that - they appear firmly grounded. And then we have Mary Magdelene, his 'partner'. Thats all fine too...but somewhere along the line things get screwed up. Suddenly shes no longer a mortal human woman with a mortal human man, shes the 'Divine Goddess'. Jesus is forgotten. Nevermind that he was the messenger of God, shes the new focus - the feminine side. What does she represent, in her new-found divine glory? The power to give life. Where is God in the equation? God, Jesus, all are forgotten, and instead they celebrate the power of human to give life to human.

Making something divine. We're worshipping ourselves, and our greatness once more. I fail to understand how they made that leap - from saying Jesus is not divine to making his partner the prime object of worship. Maybe I've made a mistake, maybe the dont actually worship her, but the central focus of it all is her - The Divine Goddess.

It seems this reveals 2 aspects of human nature:
1) The need for something to worship
2) The tendency to go to extremes - in rejecting the divinity of Jesus and the Church, they've taken the opposite extreme and found something else to worship.

Or maybe I'm overanalysing and coming to wrong conclusions. In which case, correct me.

NP - Nevermore - Psalm of Lydia

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Saturday, June 04, 2005

New Nevermore!

I got a promo copy of the new Nevermore album today. I must say I quite like it so far.

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Friday, June 03, 2005

Vitruvian Man

NP - Kham, Ashikali / Natacha Atlas / Nawazish Ali Khan - Duden (remix)

Free Image Hosting at

Love it. Always have. And I'm not sure what about it. Reading the Da Vinci code just brought it back.

I read that this drawing proved that you could perfectly fit a square into a circle. I dont remember the details, but I found that interesting. Also, I saw the original with my own eyes in La Louvre...that always does something for you, seeing the original (kinda like seeing a band live).

I think its just the expression of power. Look at his face. Look at the arms, shoulders. Its defiant. Its powerful. I actually, for my GCSE art project, did a painting based on the Vitruvian Man. I have a picture of it somewhere, but the original is lost forever because the bastards never sent it back.

Anyway, what it was...I was infatuated with Norse mythology (I still am somewhat, its a lot richer than the Greek and others), and I wanted to do something about Norse mythology. The topic was 'beginnings', and I had to work around that.

What I did was actually quite tricky...I had a problem with scale. See, I wanted to draw the tree of life, Yggdrasil, and use that in the centre of the picture. But how to make it appear massive? Whatever I did, it didnt work too well, but nevermind! Im talking about my idea, not the reality here :p

NP - Ihlam Al Madfai - Chal Chal Alayea el Rumman

Basically, I wanted to incorporate early Christianity, the advent of it, with the end of the Norse pagan beliefs. I needed a way to do this...but I also wanted to stick Mr. Vitruvian in there :p I think that was my downfall.

So I did the tree, Yggdrasil. I'll tell you, that was tough. And out of the tree, I made Mr. Vitruvian, made of wood, as if he was part of the tree, but emerging out of it. He was shackled to the tree, as well, by reeds and that, vines etc. I dont remember if I did the 4 arms thing: I only did 2 legs. I wanted to make it look like Jesus on the cross, emerging from the tree: from the Yggdrasil, the centre of the Norse beliefs, to Jesus, the centre of Christianty, as if to show the beginning of Christianty form the end of those pagan religions.

I think it was a good idea, but I had a time limit and I couldn't execute it as well as I planned. I might try to do it again over the summer when I'm bored and have nothing else to do. thats an idea...

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Im bored

NP - In Flames - Embody The Invisible.

Im so bored. Theres something really cool about this picture, not sure what it is. My next post will be a former artist's appreciation of the Vitruvian man. But for now, check this out...Dali:

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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

A Series Of Unfortunate Events...

...less Lemony Snicket.

Just spilled herbal tea on the top of my laptop (it was closed). In a rush to get some tissue to clean it, I knocked over a glass of milk...and knocked my phone on the floor. In my shock, I spilled my herbal tea again, and almost knocked over my guitar :p


NP - Soilwork - Machine Gun Majesty

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