Thursday, June 16, 2005

Thursday, 16th June, 2004.

Time: 12:43
Weather: gloomy
mood: bored
stomach: rumbling

NP - System of a Down - Mesmerize (album)

Long day. It rained this morning, very lightly, but it was indeed bitter. I slept quite late last night, 2:30am, because I was ripping my audio CDs on to my harddrive - dont want to carry them all back to Oman with me. Woken up at 08:00 by a phone call. A friend decided it would be convenient to move out right now, and decided I would be awake to help him out. Can't really complain, he's helped me a lot this year, but he's a bit tactless. Very tactless. Theres this girl hes courting, and whenever she calls, he tells me to be quiet and talks to her. No ''sorry honey Im busy'', etc. No. He'll spend as much time as he wants on the phone with her. When she comes, he tells me to bugger off (before she arrives, thankfully). None of this in a maliceful way, he just doesn't realise its rude. I take it because I know hes an honest guy and doesn't mean it badly. He's genuine (I think) and I appreciate that. He's from Singapore.

Anyway, after helping him move his bags and stuff down two flights of stairs and to the taxi, I went back to my room and just kind of zoned out for a while. Undecided whether I would go back to sleep, or wait up, because my friend was coming over at 11:30 with his bass guitar, and we would jam till 2pm, and then go to the gym. That was plan. I decided I wanted to sleep so I called him and told I wanted to sleep. That was 11:00 - its 12:30 now, just woke up. Making myself some Quorn burgers (I loe Quorn) and wondering if oven chips can be microwaved...theres only one way to find out.

Yesterday my good friend moved out. This guy is so damn disorganised. And he owed me £230.00 ... deposit for the house we're renting next year. We barely got to the bus station in time after moving his stuff and pulling out the money - in cash (at the last minute).

I think I might miss this place. I mean, I'm moving just up the road...40 minute walk, 5 or 10 minute drive. I don't particularly enjoy living with strangers, but I think I did quite well. I didn't make the most of it, but it wasn't too bad. I became friends with one of them, Malaysian guy whos really cool. Got 'friendly' with 3 others: Ash, Chinese, William, Singaporean and Kim, English (Kim scares me sometimes, but shes okay). The other two are complete strangers to me. Claire I never see, and I dont see that other guy (I dont even remember his name) anymore...I think hes moved out. But during term he would blast his music every now and then, and sometimes leave beer bottles in the kitchen. But you know, you put up with these things (especially since he would sometimes leave his curtains open when making out with his girlfriend....and she was a hottie, muahahahah).

So can you microwave oven chips? Im about to find out. I bought food last week, lots of frozen, and remembered that I was moving out on thursday (Oman, here I come....hmmm....), so I need to get rid of this stuff fast. The solution - eat lots. I'm not complaining, I enjoy eating, and now that I'm going to the gym everyday for the last week (and the coming week, till I get to Oman) I need it. I hope this works, I dont like grilling these things. They arent even chips anyway, they are potato wedges..I dont know why I picked em out. I made a mistake anyway, because I accidentally chose ''hot and spicy'' ones. Oh well, if it doesn't kill you, it cripples you for life (makes you stronger? Pah, tell that to mr. one-legged war veteran).

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