Monday, June 13, 2005

The Line Of Beauty

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Im so smart. I went to town today to try to get that book, Shantaram, recommended by Mr. Muscati, and the new Coldplay CD for my sister. Expected prices: £7.99 for the book, £8.99 for the CD (the older coldplay CDs are all that price). Total: £17.98 (i think). I go, the book is £8.99 and the CD is a whooping £13.99. Total: £23.98. No sir, this won't do. So I go home, go to the book for something like £6.50 and the CD for £8.50. I also throw in a couple of other books to qualify for free shipping. So total: 3 books, 1 CD, £26.66. Not bad, I must say, especially since they were books I've wanted to get anyway.

Alan Hollinghurst - The Line Of Beauty. A book I've wanted to get since it won the Booker Prize last year (or was it this matter - the most recent one). That is until I read a review talking about its homosexual aspect. The whole book is about homosexuality. And yet, apprently its one of the most beautifully written books some reviewers have read. A tough choice...on the one hand, I anticipate a great read, on the other, I anticipate disgust. I remember 'The God Of Small Things', which was a very entertaining and yet disturbing book, which had mentions of incest which bothered me. The most heartbreaking thing is, I could have got The Line Of Beauty for £3.99 from Amazon instead of the usual £7.99. Oh! What a tough decision I had to make. I've put it off for now, since I already have enough books to keep my appetite sated for the summer. But eventually I'll crave new fiction, and I'm finding it difficult to keep up with myself these days. My parents are gonna kill me for bringing home 6 million books this summer - and for once, ALL for me, none for my bookaholic brother. Oh, woe is me, I'm going the way of the devil...

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