Sunday, June 12, 2005


NP - Goo Goo Dolls - Iris

Its funny how things work. So lets say you're thrust into a new environment: be it a new circle of friends, moving to a new town, or even joining a message board of some sort. You go through phases. In the first phase, you're new. Everyone kinda likes you, because they dont know you, and you're still timid. After a short period of time, people really warm up to you, and you get more comfortable, and things are raging. You're the star (if you're lucky) and everyone really looks up to you and respects you. This lasts for a while and eventually dies down to a state of normalcy (sp?). Then, for reasons which are never clear, rumours start, or word goes around, and people start to look at you differently. Suddenly, people dont trust you. You have a history, or you're full of yourself, or some nonsense which often comes out of midair. Suddenly people dont like you anymore, and your social circle shrinks to what its always been: the core friends who were with you from the start.

I think this might also apply to famous people and media attention. A good example is Ronaldo, the football player, who quickly rose to become the darling of football media, before becoming a washed up nobody. Actually, the example might be completely unrelated, but its the first thing that comes to mind.

On another note, Im reading Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon, and despite the fact that its originally spanish, it does a great job of capturing so many things that are so hard to capture in words. Its already won me over, the way its just so atmospheric and sad, with little glimmers of hope and happiness sparkled throughout. I cant quite describe it just yet, because I haven't finished it, and I generally forget to write reviews of stuff. But its got its own magical little charm in the depths of the post-war gloom in which its set.

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