Saturday, May 28, 2005

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Well, apologies for not updating, ive been busy with studies and that. Wait...why am I apologising...oh well.

My brain hasn't been thinking about anything except stochastic dominance and decision trees and minimax and maximin and URGH, so theres no space left for any REAL cognitive activity. However, yesterday I read that thing on Enigmas blog about women in the work force, and then today I read this little piece in the New Internationalist magazine:

''Women and girls from all over the world are recruited to be domestic workers. Many leave children and families behind, choosing to care for others' children in order to feed their own. Filipina women make up the majority of domestic workers in Canada and around the world. The organisation GABRIELA estimates that between 6 and 8 million Filipina women are living abroad as families in the rich world rely increasingly on foreign domestics so that both parents can go to work.''

This can be seen as both an argument for and against the wife going out to work. But more importantly, we is it that we're living at such a pace that we cant support the family unless both parents are working? Whats going on in the world? Apparently our standard of life is getting higher and higher, but look whats happening to us - we're working harder and harder to make ends meet, neglecting our family lives just so we can stay afloat.

I don't like it.

Posted by illogicist at 10:45 AM


  1. Blogger Samyah posted at 5/30/2005 09:58:00 PM  
    I think its really sad when the woman is forced to leave home for the sake of providing for her family; I always meet girls here who tell me they have kids back home and I wonder how can you raise your child when you are in another country? They see them for like a month; once a year!

    I would try my best to avoid that situation; I'd rather move my family with me and be poor rather than leave my kids with someone else for them to be raised; even if its my own mother.

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