Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Thoughts For The Morning

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Well, I did go home, but I managed to do a couple of hours of work at home, which is brilliant :P

I was reading a couple of things the other day, about government approaches to particular sexual issues. The UK apparently has the 2nd highest teen pregnancy rate in all of Europe. To tackle this problem, they want to teach these kids about 'other types of sexual contact' that doesnt result in 'intercourse'. So they want to try and encourage oral sex, as opposed to, well, normal sex I guess.
I kinda stopped reading there. I was just thinking, is the situation so desperate, have we screwed ourselves up so bad that the only way to stop our CHILDREN from having sex with one another is to teach them another way to do it, hoping to distract them? Do they really think these kids will stop having sex because they can have oral sex instead? Do they really think that these kids dont KNOW about oral sex? These kids know about oral sex, apparently 'daisy-chaining' is getting increasingly popular in high schools in the UK as well (Im not explaining - if you dont know what it is, look it up).

Another example which suprised me was in China. Because of a law in 1979 I think it was that only allowed families to have one child, China has 'lost', the word they use, some 200-300 MILLION unborn children (like the expression :P). As a result of this they are facing labour shortages. Thats interesting, but the more interesting thing is that apparently for every 100 girls born in China now, there are 117 boys. This translates into roughly 40 million males in the future having no mates...difficult, im sure. So, what steps are they thinking about taking to help this? Encouraging homosexuality (to an extent) and legalising prostitution.

You know the world's in a state when we have to encourage sin to make up for our previous sins. Its because of us (collectively) that teenage pregnancy is so high, and we try to resolve the problem by encouraging yet more immoral behaviour. I don't know what can be done about that boy-girl problem in China, but encouraging homosexuality and prostitution is hardly the way forward, I think.


Another moral dilemma, on a more personal note. Most days I have breakfast at the uni cafeteria. Now, they have this vegetarian breakfast for £2 plus free tea or coffee. I dont usually drink the coffee, but I take it anyway. It struck me that maybe this was wrong, maybe I'm wasting. Since I dont drink it, I should decline!

I dunno, maybe. I drink it sometimes, sometimes i drink a couple of sips. But hey, its free, thats justification enough, right? If I dont take it, I'm losing out. AND by taking it, Im helping the economy. Thats right, I'm consuming more coffee, the demand for coffee is going up, coffee suppliers sell more and make more money. And maybe some of that filters back to the 3rd world workers, who are breaking their backs to provide me with this coffee that I don't even drink. Who knows. Like all humans, I like to justify my actions.

Or maybe I'm just thinking too hard. Who the hell gets a guilty concience over a cup of coffee?!

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Posted by illogicist at 1:17 AM


  1. Blogger Sree posted at 5/11/2005 09:05:00 AM  
    Drinking coffee's not good for you and I'm sure you know that, but to keep me up @ work, I find myself drinking at least a couple of cups of coffee everyday! :( And, I don't even like coffee, as compared to tea or sodas! But yeah, I'm being considerate to those who break their backs in 3rd world countries, so we could get addicted to caffine.

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