Tuesday, May 10, 2005

NP - The background noise of the library

My phone's battery is nearly dead, so I can't drown out the noise. I'm in a little corner of the Cafe in the library, where theres a few computers hooked up to the net.

I can't study. Its like this everyday. Get to the library fresh in the morning, 9am. Do about an hour or so of work, and rush off to a lecture. Come back, do some more work, and suddenly its lunchtime...its about 12-1pm by this time but I swear it always feels like 4pm. After lunch I'm heavy and I can't usually work. Go home to take a nap, promising myself to come back to the library afterwards. Never do, and the day is gone because I can't study in the dorms (too many distractions).

Well not today. I WILL DO SOME MORE STUDY TODAY. I have a homework to hand in, and I cant not do it. I have some reading to do, and I cant not do it. I'll find a way...argh.

Whats the bets my next post will be how I just couldn't do it? :P

Posted by illogicist at 6:44 AM


  1. Blogger Sree posted at 5/11/2005 09:07:00 AM  
    LOL, I'm assuming you ended up doing your work y'day?
  2. Blogger hibbalicious posted at 5/27/2005 01:57:00 PM  
    lol i am exactly like this, i never get any work at uni or at home lol too many distractions lol

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