Sunday, June 19, 2005

Amazon Suck Pt. II

NP - The Mars Volta - Cicatriz Esp.

First you need to read the below post. After you've done that, read this.

I got this email just now from help services. This is the exact text, and I kid you not: its quite stunning, and leads me to ask 'what the hell is going on here?'

Dear Customer Thank you for writing to
We apologise for the unexpected delay in dispatching your order #026-5560643-8188448. We confirm that your items are on hand and have already entered dispatch , and your package should leave our Fulfilment Centre soon.
It seems we sent you th E-mail regarding a delay in supply regarding "Number9dream" this sees to have been sent in error. Please rest assured that your order should still arrive by the estimated delivery date listed in Your Account: 23/06/2005.
On the date of dispatch, you will receive an e-mail message confirming the date, contents and method of delivery. If you have not received this dispatch e-mail within 48 hours, please use the following link to inform us and we will investigate this situation further:

Thank you again for shopping at We hope you enjoy your order.


What? WHAT? No really, WHAAAAT???? The first thing that comes to my mind is that they've rectified the mistake by 'making the item available'. Since my order was free shipping, I guess my items were of lower priority and so someone with higher priority took the book before I did. And they've simply fixed that because I was pissed :) I dont believe for a second that they sent me an email 'in error' because all the details on the website changed to reflect this 'error'.

Well, this is good I guess. I'm just curious as to what the real story is.

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