Monday, January 29, 2007

Happy Holidays! ...

Np - Spiritual Beggars - Throwin' Your Life Away

Happy holidays? Go to hell. If I ever receive a card around the end of december that says 'Happy Holidays', Ill rip it up. Its Christmas, bizzatch. I may not celebrate it, but trying to pretend its NOT the occasion in question is political correctness gone mad.

As people get older they get more bitter, more jaded, more cynical. I've heard a lot of arguments that there is no God based on the fact that no God would allow such atrocities to happen. Atrocities that we see and hear about everyday, which is just the tip of the iceberg, because our media is so clean-cut and superficial (to be fair, all I ever read these days are the sports pages). I can understand such sentiments, and at certain times almost sympathise with them. But they're based on opinion, which is based on emotion. When we're particularly distressed things - be it the premature death of a loved one or the sorry state of the world in general - we forget that we've made the assumption that whoever 'God' is, he actually cares about good and bad. And that everyone should be happy. Sometimes I think thats a load of bollocks. We all know by now the world is not a happy place - and whoever said it should be? The world's never been a happy place, never will be. Where the existence of God actually fits into this logic escapes me.

Maybe I have the advantage of being an economist. We have positive and normative economics - positive economics being the way things are, normative economics being the way things should be. Normative economics can be argued from many different viewpoints, positive economics generally cant be denied - its theory. The debate about whether god exists or not shouldnt be based on normative arguments. The discussion should be kept in the realm of the positive. Hence, the fact that the world is one f*cked up neighbourhood doesnt change jack. By somehow relating it to the existence of God, you've only being one weak, emotional pain in the ass.

PS that felt good, gotta do this more often.

Posted by illogicist at 5:46 AM


  1. Anonymous Anonymous posted at 1/29/2007 04:35:00 PM  
    Mate you're even sounding like a pom now! Stop it. It's not good for you.

    Welcome back from your long hiaitus!:)
  2. Blogger Per Your Request posted at 1/30/2007 03:31:00 AM  
    I couldnt agree with you more about the "happy holidays". There are is a line to being PC, where eventually everything just loses its meaning.

    You do sound like an economist, you understand that the outcome depends on the assumption (para 2)

    Finally, I wish Uni's require everyone to have one class of economics before they graduate. It would make the world a better place.

  3. Blogger Balqis posted at 1/31/2007 06:40:00 PM  
    Didn't get it
    Happy holidays anyway

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