Friday, October 07, 2005

Pizza Pt. 2

After my meagre iftar of one slice of pizza, I go home and call up Uni Kebab, make an order. Same girl who answered last time answers again...shes got a cute voice. *banishes the thought - its Ramadhan!* Anyway, place my order, hang up, go to pray 3isha. While Im praying my phone starts ringing, and I cant pick it up, so when I'm done I check the number, and lo, its Uni Kebab! So I call back and the girl on the line tells me that she's sorry but she calculated the order and it comes to £6.20, 80p short of the £7 minimum order for a delivery. Ok, no problem, just add a small fries to that, thanks for calling, no worries at all, no really its not a problem, thankscheersbye*click*.

Then I go read some Quran for a while, until two of my housemates barge in, having just finished tarawee7 prayer, and make a lot of noise. So I go join em just doing nothing, and my order arrives, have a small chat with the czech delivery dude (czech people are so awesome, biggest per capita drinkers on the planet apparently...maybe that isnt awesome, but its certainly something). Ok, so time passes and now its ten minutes to midnight. Im just about to head to bed, when suddenly my phone rings. Im thinking, who the hell could be calling at this time? My phone's in the other room, so I rush to pick it up, but I miss the call. So I check missed calls, and who is it? Uni Kebab!

Curious. My order is complete, I've eaten it and its probably half digested by now anyway. Weird indeed. This can only mean one thing...

The girl with the cute voice likes me!

Woooooo! Wait a second. Get a grip Z, calm down, you don't even know what she looks like. Plus, you're fasting. Plus, what the hell man, so what??

...well, it makes a good story, so I go and tell my other flatmates how much she wants me and sexy my voice is on the phone, etc. Man stuff, you know, bravado. They laughed at me and I laughed at me and we laughed it off. Good stuff.

My last housemate comes in with his friend at about 12:15am just when I'm about to go to sleep (lights already off) and turns on my light, asks for the Uni Kebab number.

"Yo Z, are you asleep?"
"Maybe, I dont know. *yawn*"
"Oh ok...gimme the uni kebab number ya zalameh."
"Ooh, call from my phone, or no let me call, that girl has the hots for me."
"I dunno, leave me alone, I'm asleep."

Give him the number, roll over, cant go to sleep, get up, chill with everyone in the TV room. At that point a chinese dude comes down the stairs and comes and chills with us. Yeah, theres a chinese guy staying in our house. For how long, I dont know, but that makes 6 people in a house meant for 4 (my housemate's friend is staying the weekend).

Anyway, the housemate who just arrives decides hes hungry, and calls uni kebab. The guy says they dont deliver at this ungodly hour (1am). So me, my housemate, and his friend spend the next hour calling every restaurant in the Southampton Yellow Pages - Turkish, Indian, Bengali, English, Chinese, Italian, Thai, etc. - looking for SOMEONE who delivers at this hour. Only the Indian and Turkish were open anyway, and they flatly refused to deliver. They didnt even accept our £2 bribes to deliver. So we all went to sleep a little pissed and a little hungry. Funny night though, I guess..

Posted by illogicist at 4:45 AM


  1. Blogger Samyah posted at 10/07/2005 07:38:00 AM  
    I'm laughing at this post but I wont say why! LOL ;p

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