Thursday, October 06, 2005

Building Bridges With Pizza

Today at iftar we had pizzas instead of the usual fare of Malaysian food (which is absolutely yummilicious). We had a much higher turnout than expected, at least 100, including my friend Simon from Amnesty International (we invited him to come, but it was quite cool that he actually did, since 'Islam' puts lots of people off. But Simon's a great guy, and hes always eager to learn. Very open minded).
A couple of uninvited guests were treated to free pizza as well: some local kids, pikeys! Background: pikeys hate uni students. Theyre racist street kids, they hate anyone who isnt pikey, and they probably hate fellow pikeys as well. You know the type. Anyway, these guys couldnt have been more than 11 or 12 years old, and they poked their heads in while we were praying, curious I suppose. So we invited them in. I guess they were shocked, the common stereotype is that us muslims arent exactly the friendliest of people (and there were a few people there that were angry that we were giving our free pizzas away to these kids). But we treated them with respect and even gave them seconds (I only had a single slice and these kids had 4 pizzas!)

I just hope they went home with a bit more respect about Islam and about uni students than they had before...hopefully me going hungry will help these kids, and maybe their community, in the long run.

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