Thursday, October 20, 2005

The David Cameron Fiasco

I doubt many of you are interested in UK politics, but currently the news is dominated by the Conservative Party leadership battle. Im no conservative, but I find it disgusting how the media are treating the current favourite, David Cameron. A young, slick leader-to-be, hes the most popular candidate. And yet the media are giving him complete hell over a single issue which I find completely trivial: he has refused to answer whether or not he did drugs while at university.

Im sure, during his uni years, he never thought he would be running as party leader. Its such a ridiculous issue - so WHAT? Who the hell cares whether he smoked crack at uni - i'm sure he had enough pubcrawls and did enough other silly things that uni students tend to do that would make smoking crack completely irrelevant. But no, the media have stuck on this point, because they know its juicy. I swear it reminds me of American politics, what a joke. American politics is all about trivial issues, nevermind policy and the things that matter. I have no idea what either of these conservative party candidates stand for (nor do I care), but the point is that when such trivial matters take priority over real policy issues, you know something's wrong.

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