Sunday, October 01, 2006

Freshers Week

NP: Nelly - Ride Wit' Me

Ahhh, freshers week. Its that time of the year where the university goes from peaceful and quite to being full of nervous looking sheep roaming around during the day, getting lost, bumping into things, close to tears. Afraid of their own shadows. Theres no shame in it - we've all been there. But those of us who got through it are allowed to have a laugh at their expense :D They're kinda fun to be honest. They're all dripping fake friendliness, trying to project some kind of confidence they dont have. You gotta feel for em I guess. It doesnt last long though, most of them get comfortable in a couple of weeks.

Fresher's week is actually a pretty exciting time. Cause although I just ripped into em, a lot of freshers are actually really cool people. Its a good time to make new friends. Freshers week 'officially' starts tommorrow, but I've already met a bunch of new people. Yesterday was pretty odd, because I met up with my former housemate for the first time since the summer, a girl I haven't seen since my first year (she did a year in Switzerland - turns out I missed her more than I realised), and this guy who studies in London. I ended up crashing at my friend's house without a pillow or a cover, and got about 3 hours of sleep. but hey, thats uni, you gotta love it I swear. Oh, and my reputation is already being soiled. All my friends are SO eager to convince everyone they meet that I'm some kind of playa (dammit, they always do this :s). Already they're trying to set me up with this lebanese girl who's new to the university. I guess its fun if you dont take it too seriously, but its all just a lot of talk :p

Its tough being a fresher because theres so much crap you gotta consider - opening a bank account, registering with a GP...hell, just finding your way around. But for a senior like, theres also a lot of crap you gotta deal with. Example: researching your dissertation. You gotta be in the library finding reading materials, while everyone else is still chilling. Also, theres applications. For the future: masters, job, internship. All that is time consuming, and it aint easy trying to plan out your future when you still have a year of hard slogging ahead of you. But you probably gotta do it, just to keep your options open. After staying up till 4am talking to friends and neighbours, I'm flirting with the idea of living a year or two in Switzerland. It seems like an awesome place. Its a thought.

But its kinda strange right now. You KNOW its you're last year (inshallah, unless you fail), and you wont be here this time next year. You're senior to everyone except your classmates, who you feel a strange closeness to - even if you've never talked to them. I guess its because you know that you've all been through the same crap. Hmm, this is starting to sound like a graduation speech. Ok, but its an interesting time, its fun I swear. I think the real difficulty is organising my time after classes start, so I can enjoy the stuff I enjoy right now even when I'm swamped. I mean, its all good studying all day and getting the grades - I can do that and make top grades (and I believe everyone can), but if I'm giving up all the stuff I enjoy, like having a night out, or just a chat with friends, well it aint worth it. And the funny thing is, I think you can do both. All it takes is organisation. I've done it the last couple of years, and while it ain't easy, its doable. Just depends what you think is most important to you I guess.

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