Monday, June 26, 2006

The Week

I Picked up The Week today (june 21st issue), and as usual its filled with delightful insights into Oman's quirkiness. Theres a bunch of things worth mention.

Its always interesting seeing people you know in the Week, or their fathers, brothers, sisters, etc. I was looking at the pictures of the MPS graduation, and was surprised. Did I look young when it was ME? I couldnt have. I know all of those kids, I cant believe theyre graduating. Theyre still babies in my eyes. That guy in the middle still looks like his sister. The boy next to him still looks nothing like his brother. They still look much younger than we did.

It makes me feel old. Maybe I DID look that young, maybe its just when I look in the mirror now, I dont realise how much I've changed. Has uni scarred me so? Has it crafted these lines on my face, the coldness I see in my eyes? *sigh* Being poetic can be fun...

Secondly, the madness of the cinema. The Devil's Rejects? Its not exactly a new movie for it to be on the main screen in Bahja and Ruwi. But thats fine - a few years back we were used to waiting 6 months to get movies. Thats not the point - THE DEVILS REJECTS? I know 'A Woman In Black' has seen this movie, and well you may have enjoyed it AWIB, but you cant disagree with me here - theres little point in showing this movie in the cinemas here. Half of it would be censored. And whats not censored, well, its gruesome. Not only that, its...ugh. See, silly teenage kids would go about saying how cool this movie is, because its 'cool' to be disturbed or disturbing. And okay, I can appreciate it as an indie movie. But I just think its madness to show it on the main screen in the cinemas in OMAN. Remember, this is OMAN. Its just...not cool. Retards.

Posted by illogicist at 2:48 AM


  1. Blogger Nash posted at 6/26/2006 04:36:00 PM  
    Time flies :)
  2. Blogger A. Woman in black posted at 7/02/2006 11:52:00 PM  
    I totally agree about the movie. When I saw the listing for it here I was like huh???? How is this going to work I doubt there will be that big of an audience for it here.....besides ,the movie was already out on DVD in the states when i was there in January. I know that different regions have different release dates for films on the big screen and DVD etc...but wow!

    Regarding time....I recently turned 30 , and I heard a song the the other day that brought back some memories ....from 15 years ago! I cant believe it's been 15 years. I used to think 30 was OLD...
  3. Blogger illogicist posted at 7/04/2006 02:11:00 AM  
    I was waiting for you to reply :D

    yesterday me and a friend were talking about songs, and this song Cotton Eye Joe came up. I think thats the most famous song ever for me. Forget everything that came after it - for me, this is the DEFINITION of a hit. I dont know when it came out - I was young. But the fact that I remember that every single person I knew at the time was singing it and obsessing about it, and the fact I remember the tune, the words, even the video - thats something.

    Too bad I cant stand the song itself.
  4. Blogger A. Woman in black posted at 7/04/2006 09:08:00 PM  
    Do you remember that "Scatman" song? I feel the same way about it :-P
  5. Blogger illogicist posted at 7/05/2006 05:21:00 AM  

    That same conversation where we were talking about Cotton Eye Joe, we started talking about Scatman as well! Scatman was funny, never really got into his music (there was this one song about the Louisiana which was ok though)...I heard he had a lisp before, or a stutter or something, which is interesting.

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