Monday, March 13, 2006

Whats in the news today?

I'm in the library, chilling out. Had a tetanus shot this morning, that was fun (it really was, its only the 2nd time in my life I've had a shot without feeling the needle go in or out...and the first time wasn't as good as this).

I bought The Independent today. 25p (thats about 180bz approx), with 2 free DVD movies, a book and a CD on how to learn Spanish (and lets not forget a super fat newspaper full of stuff I'm not interested in). Sweet deal.

So lets see whats interesting in The Independent today...

British Companies Make £1.1 billion off the War In Iraq

Interesting, but I dont want to get into politics or finance or anything today. Google it if you're interested.

SAS Soldier Quits Over "Illegal" Acts

An SAS soldier refuses to go into combat alongside US forces after calling their tactics illegal He said that they viewed the Iraqis as 'sub-human'. Well Mr. Ben Griffin, 28, I applaud you, even if you're not really telling us anything you don't know. At least you're acting according to your principles and not necessarily your self-interest.

Our Taxes Pay For This Creepy Lecturer

"The Leeds University lecturer Frank Ellis claims he knows - because he is a lecturer and learned - that white people are genetically superior to black people. He quotes discredited studies, and approves of one which concludes that the IQ of Sub-Saharans is "close to or within the range of mental retardation".
Prissy liberals, as ever, have rushed to defend his freedom of speech, the same who roll over when Zionist influence stops any criticism of Israel's illegal policies. Wht if he had said Jewish power controls the world? Or if a muslim lecturer publicly claimed that white girls are naturally more promiscuous than Asian women? They would be gone, thrown to the dogs.
Black and Asian students on his courses must feel demeaned, enraged, misrepresented, hurt, and even afraid. How can they interact with him?
Our taxes pay for this creep. Sack him, I say, and fast. Let him go and find his true vocation - sharpening the teeth of the BNP, which he believes has gone too soft for his liking."

- Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

Interesting piece. I'm tempted to agree - how can these students even ensure that their marking would be of the same standard as white people? Perhaps a campaign should be launched to remove this racist scumbag.

Well, what other news, non world-related. I was sitting in the 'Reserve Collection' of the library -its the place where they have the most demanded books for courses, which can only go on loan for 3 hours at a time. Its a very popular place to study, as some books you cant get out of there. Spacing is limited. And yet next to me is this girl whos on her laptop, chatting on MSN, not doing any work. It pissed the hell out of me, cause its pretty hard to find a place in reserve unless you come early (or you're prepared to wait for someone to leave). For god's sake, go chat on MSN somewhere else. Go to the cafe or something. Inconsiderate so-and-so.

Later on I was sitting in the cafe writing up some notes. This was around lunch-time, so it was quite packed, and these two girls (quite pretty, might I add) came and shared my table. They started talking about...well, stuff I really had no business hearing. One goes on and on about her parents' divorce last year, in a good amount of detail. Then they start talking about their plans for the future, marrying their boyfriends, having babies, where they want to live, etc. All nice stuff, but I did feel uncomfortable, sitting across the table from them (not 2 feet away), listening to all this, doing my work pretending I cant hear. I suppose they didnt really care whether I heard or not considering I'm a stranger, but still. Its weird.

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  1. Blogger Trevelyana posted at 3/13/2006 10:53:00 AM  
    -War wouldn't be quite as enticing if it weren't for the fat checks at the end of the day. The slaughter show can only entertain the big boys for so long.

    - The good boys would claim homosexuality to get out of duty. This guy was just unimaginative.

    - My dad went to Leeds. From the stories he tells, this is just a skim off the surface.

    I'm off to work, Cheers!

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