Monday, February 13, 2006

Some Secret Arabian Laundry

While surfing cyberspace yesterday night, I came across a particular blog. Interesting blog, takes itself quite seriously, fairly professional. Made a pretty good read. But I did come across a particular paragraph written by one of the contributors which I felt compelled to write this blog post about. So, in the spirit of the raging debate on freedom of speech - and mutual respect between bloggers [;)] I'm going to lay out my views here.

I came across this particular paragraph on a post on "a secret arabian journal..."

"In the real world I am in the profession of organizing and releasing spin for the general public to digest. What I compose maybe 100% truthful or maybe 100% not, but the one thing that is certain and should be consistent is that it has to be interesting to read and hold your attention."

Here is what I interpret that paragraph to mean: The author's job is to manipulate information in order to present it in a way that is digestable and interesting to the general public. Thats fine, I have no objections to that. My objects arise when this purpose is fulfulled at the expense of truth, objectivity and accuracy.

Thats an ideal, its not applicable to all types of media. I'm not sure what kind of spin the author works, and on what medium, but for example with the news, I want my news to be complete, unbiased, and accurate. Enjoyability is an added plus. Unfortunately too much news we read this days has been spun in a way so that the reader takes a particular view, or comes out with a particular belief.

But for example an article in the news paper, an opinion piece, whatever, I dont mind spin on that. The writer is expressing his view, and thats fine. As long as events described are not distorted or completely fabricated, I dont have too much objection.

It depends on the nature of the piece, but in any case, I'm simply distrustful of spin! The entire purpose of spin is to make the reader believe one thing or another, to manipulate the reader into feeling how you want him to feel. There'll always be a question mark in my mind about that kind of thing.

Posted by illogicist at 7:17 AM


  1. Blogger Lym posted at 2/14/2006 12:10:00 PM  
    Ahhh, another media source to worry about. Something unreliable to manipulate our thoughts and beliefs!

    Let’s boycotts the news :D
  2. Blogger PizzaQueen posted at 2/14/2006 08:25:00 PM  
    What about the reader ?
    If he/she wants to be given something then you should .
    Takes two to tango and in the end as you said, it depends on the type of source.

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