Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Hamas winning the PA election could be the best result for Israel after all

NP - Dark Tranquillity - Character [2005]

Think about it. Hamas didn't actually want to win the election, they wanted to be the backseat drivers. Not form a government, perhaps because they knew they didn't have the right people (and perhaps because they feared exactly this), but to have a controlling role in any future government.

Too bad for them, they won.

Now we have an organisation that the US and the EU consider a terrorist organisation in charge of one side of the most sensitive conflict in the world. The PA is heavily dependent on international aid to take care of the Palestinian people. Hamas, as an organisation fighting for Palestinian rights and as the group now responsible for the Palestinian people, have a huge burden on them. The conditions for aid? Renounce violence and accept the existance of Israel. This seems like the perfect solution for Israel. Hamas must voluntarily be pacified, else they betray the Palestinian people by denying them international aid they so desperately need. For Hamas, its a no-win situation (in their view). Refuse, their people suffer. Accept, and they seriously compromise their ideals.

And what happens if they refuse? What are the consequences to Israel? Aid gets cut off, the Palestinian people spiral into degradation, Hamas continues to attack Israel. Clearly Israel doesn't win, and neither do the Palestinian people. Perhaps Hamas knows this, and will accept the conditions. Perhaps they wont, in which case perhaps the conditions will be changed. Its an interesting - if dire - scenario.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous posted at 2/01/2006 08:36:00 AM  
    I tend to agree.

    Now that Hamas is in power, all gloves are off. The PA can no longer hide behind the facade that acts of terror are being done by Hamas over whom they have no control.

    Now Hamas will have to act like a mature political power.

    Power and responsibility need to go together.... I am not sure Hamas can handle that.

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