Sunday, March 12, 2006


It's been a strange weekend. I haven't been productive, but its been very...well, like I said, strange. I've been listening to a lot of mood music, and for those of you who don't do the whole 'mood music' thing, its very enlightening. Its been a while since I've just sat and listened to music, and I've gone through a lot these past two or three days. Sigur Rós, Mogwai, Andy Timmons, Sufjan Stevens, Ulrich Schnauss, Guns N'Roses, and Neil Zaza. Although it all started when a friend sent me a song I haven't listened to in a long time, Lynrd Skynrd - Freebird. That song is just...fantastic. And it got me back to listening to the stuff I listed. Some of that is new to me (like Mogwai), some is very old and dear (like Neil Zaza). Anyone who says music is haram is missing the point. To some of us, music itself is almost a spiritual experience. Try turning off all the nights, and putting on some Sigur Rós while lying down, thinking of nothing. I defy you to NOT get to thinking about God and the universe (Sigur Rós is pure emotion, its fantastic).

People think I'm strange about music, that I just listen to 'devil stuff' or that I have weird taste. I want to throw up everytime I hear someone say 'I'll listen to anything that has a beat, anything I can dance to'. Horsecrap. If you want to outlaw music, outlaw that, because that sure as hell isn't "music". Sure, a beat can be good. I often enjoy a song with a good beat, good rhythm and that. But thats not what music is about, its just one factor in many.

I've also been thinking about movies. A LOT of good, political/socially relevant movies came out in 2005/06 so far. To name a few, Crash, Syriana, The Constant Gardener, Good Night and Good Luck (I think thats the name). I just watched The Weather Man, and that was...interesting. I think it tried to be like American Beauty, but didnt quite reach that level. Still was a good watch though. This whole thing gets me thinking, why do some people think art is haram? Why outlaw beauty? I can understand the argument that anything that takes us away from Allah is haram, but why the implicit assumption that beauty takes us away from Allah? In many if not most cases, it probably brings people closer to Allah. I've heard people describe orgasm as a religious experience, as weird as that sounds. A friend gave me a pretty poetic description of an orgasm, "whats an orgasm but a time when the senses intertwine?" Going on that, I can imagine why it could be considered a religious experience.

Yeah, its been an interesting weekend. I really need to get back in touch with my artistic side. Maybe this'll help. Some works from Gustav Klimt I really loved. They really clicked with me, even though this isnt my usual artistic fare. Enjoy.

^^^ For some reason there such power in this one. I dont know, I just...feel it.

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  1. Blogger W. posted at 3/13/2006 01:08:00 AM  
    another Gustav admirer
  2. Blogger Lym posted at 3/13/2006 06:01:00 AM  
    I know exactly what you mean, but I go through phases with Music. Most of the time, I listen to one with beats and a smooth rhythm. 'Mood' music, is when I am in the mood :p

    Seriously, when people unfairly keep referring to things as 7aram, I don't listen to their non-sense and I just do it anyways. After all, it is only important whether I am convinced that it is 7aram or it isn't. Hahaha, since when is photography 7aram! lol
  3. Blogger fatamo posted at 3/15/2006 10:22:00 AM  
    I know these paintings!! I didn't know the name of the artist though. I don't care for the first one; the second one I've always loved - it's just stunning and, i'm not sure if this makes sense, but it fits on so many levels - hope that makes sense to u! lol

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