Sunday, March 26, 2006

NP - Farmakon - Loosely of Amoebas

This is going to be a rare rant about my crappy, crappy day. I try not to rant about stuff like 'my day', but I feel like it this time.

So yesterday, Saturday, was the first day of my Easter break. I didn't sleep much that night (had some uni worries on my mind, which is stupid because its supposed to be a break from uni..but whatever). Slept at about 12:30, but woke up at 3 or 3:30am, cause I was thirsty. Remembered I had some clothes in the washing machine, so I put them in the dryer. Then I see one of my housemates come down the stairs with a big stick in his hand...he thought someone had broken into the house :p. Anyway after that I couldnt sleep for till about 4am-ish...and woke up again around 6:45am. Didnt sleep after that. I wasn't doing anything useful or productive, so I went swimming at around 9am. Cycled back home in the rain, and then started packing for my trip to London, at 2:45pm - it would have been 8am if I could (my housemate was going to Heathrow at 8am, it would have been to go with him), but all the buses were fully booked. Everyone was going home.

So 2:45. Taxi arrives at 2:15pm - should be enough time to get the bus station, right? 45 minutes? The journey usually takes 15 minutes, and today shouldn't be any different. Think again. I wasn't counting on it being the day before mother's day, and everyone out and about, doing mother's day shopping (yeah, every 'day' is an occasion to go shopping...what a consumer society). As a result, all the roads were blocked. To top it off, I didnt have much money on me, about 8 pounds. The taxi driver tells me at one point that it would be quicker for me to get out and walk the rest of the way, as he doesnt think he'd be able to get me there in time, and its probably quicker if I walk (its about 10 minutes away - I might make it). Its raining like mad outside, and I dont have my umbrella, but I say okay - partly because I know I wouldnt be able to afford the taxi if I stayed in it much longer. So I get out, and walk in the pouring rain to the bus station.

Dripping, exhausted, and mentally drained, I was almost grateful that I missed the bus. BUT, I couldnt afford a cab back, and the university bus only drops me halfway to my house - which means more walking in the rain. No cash machine nearby, and I'm not in the mood to go look for one. So I take the uni bus, and walk the rest of the way home (still raining).

That all would have been, well, tolerable, if I had something to look forward to upon coming home. On friday my housemates were all 'lets watch a movie, lets invite people over!' when I was busy and couldn't. Today, I had nothing, and they were just '...meh'. I spent the whole rest of the day slipping in and out of a number of exhausting naps. My housemates watched Jurassic Park 1,2,3, The 13th Warrior, and some Indian movie, all in the space of 24 hours...I wasn't in the mood to watch any of them. Oh yeah, we also binged on pizza and kebab. I must've had pizza 3 times in 24 hours, and this kebab thing twice. The first time made me feel ill - you'd think I'd have learnt not to eat it again. I knew I was going to feel crap afterwards, but I wasn't in much mood to care. Such is life :p.

I slept around 1am - or what should have been 1am. When I looked at my computer clock, it said 2am...just my luck, today was the day that they change the clocks! I'd been cheated out of an hour of sleep, or the day I most needed it =s. Luckily I was talking to someone online, otherwise I would've slept earlier and missed the bus - again - because of the clock thing. I dont know what I would've done then, probably shot myself. In fact, the bus was supposed to be fully booked, but 12 people actually missed it because of the changing of the time. 12 out of about 40...thats about 30%. A lot of people!

I guess its good I missed the first bus. Yesterday I was in the worst mood ever and didn't really want to go to London - wasn't feeling it. Feeling a lot better today, rested, both physically and mentally, ready to roll. I have a four week break in which to chill out, destress, and catch up with uni work. Oh, and I've also borrowed my friend's guitar effects board and wah pedal while he's in the UAE (I'm 'taking care of them' for him :p). So yeah, got some stuff to do this break.I'm gonna try to make the most of it.

Ranting is fun.

Posted by illogicist at 3:07 PM


  1. Blogger Trevelyana posted at 3/27/2006 05:49:00 PM  
    You reminded me that I have clothes in the washer.. someone has got to invent a meachanism where they just transfer over..
    Highly impractical if you ask me.

    My break just ended.. I can't remember what I did.
  2. Anonymous Anonymous posted at 3/28/2006 12:31:00 AM  
    Ranting is not bad, you do pretty well ;)

    Do it more often will you :P
  3. Blogger Lym posted at 3/28/2006 05:18:00 AM  
    So you're in london now or not? *think*

    I rant all the time, not really. I rant to myself :p

    For some reason, I am craving strawberry milk!
  4. Blogger Samyah posted at 3/28/2006 10:39:00 AM  
    So I guess all that bad stuff happened so you could travel on the right day... ;)
  5. Blogger illogicist posted at 3/28/2006 03:27:00 PM  
    Leen: I agree. And lethargy is also a problem. We have one socket for both the dryer and the

    washing machine (we tried to use an adaptor to plug them both in, once - the whole thing

    melted), so we cant use both at the same time. Which sucks - Ill wash my clothes, and leave

    them in teh washing machine for a few hours. In the meantime, my housemate wants to use the

    washer, finds my wet clothes, and doesnt wash his. And the process goes on. It sucks.

    PS my break is 4 weeks long :)

    Some1: thanks...I do rant a lot :p just not on my blog, usually.

    Lym: Yeah Im in london for the next few days. Im eating strawberries and diet coke right now

    (diet coke, I find, tastes better than normal coke, even though its far more addictive).

    Sam: Yeah, I know! That thought did occur to me. Cant say the results are, well, that great,

    but at least its something, eh. :p
  6. Blogger illogicist posted at 3/28/2006 04:18:00 PM  
    oof, stupid fragmentation. Typed that up in wordpad, and then pasted it a few hours later, thats why its screwed.

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