Thursday, September 01, 2005


Np - Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb

Girls...girls girls girls ;) Everyone's thinking "ooooh, heres an interesting post, finally! I wonder what Mr. Z will reveal today!"

Sorry people, nothing juicy here :p Just a few observations.

1) Firstly, I feel sorry for girls. I really do. In relationships, us guys may have the burden of asking the girl out, but the girl has the burden of rejecting! Yep, it can't be easy, rejecting a guy, but in a nice way, so as not to hurt his feelings and make him feel like utter crap. I for one could never do it - I would just be like 'no, bugger off!' and undoubtedly get a reputation as being stuck-up. Which leads me to another thing, it must be impossible for those teenage girls to preserve their reputations. If you accept guys' offers, you're a 'slut', and if you reject em, you're 'stuck up'. God help you girls.

2) Why are guys more evil than girls? Both of us are capable of cheating on our partners...capable and willing, you might say. But guys get all the blame. Well, here's why I think it is. A guy can cheat on a girl, knowing full well that it will destroy her, and not give a damn. In fact, he may enjoy it. Guys have the ability to be mercilessly cold. As sexist as this may sound, I don't think girls can do that (generally speaking of course). Yes, girls can be the kin of the devil at times, but guys are worse. A girl will cheat, not because she wants to hurt you, or she doesnt give a damn about you, but because she's completely forgotten about you. Yup, girls are so caught up in their little universes where they are a Princess (not Queen, mind you - Queens are old, girls are forever young) that they forget your existence. Guys, they dont mean to hurt you, they just forget about you. Thats just how it is. Don't blame em, its their nature. Just avoid em!

NP - John Petrucci - Here Without You

3) I was talking with a friend of mine yesterday, and she made this marvelously astute observation:

"most of us are just waiting for ANY guy to love us and treat us right"

You might not agree, but if you think about it, its true. We're so caught up in this illusion of 'love', that when someone falls for you, unless they're an absolute savage, you image of them is somewhat improved. Even if you don't reciprocate the feeling, you still think better of em. And chances are, if they persist, you (girls) might fall for em. Its not too different with guys either, except generally we are the 'agressors' (:p). Which is why I believe that having a 'shopping list' of requirements our partner must have will rarely stand the acid test...

NP - Klimt 1918 - They Were Wed By The Sea

4) Girls seem to follow trends - about guys. Maybe. This is a recent observation. I remember a friend of mine telling me how 'cute' this guy was. Now, Im no homosexual, but I have a fair idea of what a cute guy looks like. The guy in question seemed very average - even somewhat overweight. Slighty. Anyway, I saw him today, and mentioned him to a friend of mine, who said the exactly the same thing I heard - 'all the girls think he's cute, but I dont see it'. Hmm. The question - is he REALLY cute, or is he just 'fashionable'?

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  1. Blogger Speedreader posted at 9/01/2005 02:01:00 PM  
    How do you do it?! Great post, keep up the good work.

    Best Wishes,
  2. Blogger Tia posted at 9/03/2005 11:49:00 AM  
    if there was a rep system here i would've repped you Z. i agree with your points, but they don't apply to all girls, just keep that in mind ;)
  3. Blogger Nash posted at 9/15/2005 06:02:00 AM  
    Good post, especially the first point, its really spot on, poor girls :)

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