Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Blog Day

Np - Sigur Ros - Saeglopur

This song is way to cool. I can't wait for the full album to come out.

Anyway, 31st of August is 'Blog Day'. I've been tagged by Sam (paradoxicpages.blogspot.com). The tag is basically that I have to talk about 5 blogs 'that are different from my own culture, point of view and attitude'.

Arghhhh I have to THINK!!!! :S

Very well then. Lets see. First of all, a blog I don't have linked from mine, but the first to come to mind. Its called 'You Only Live Once'. The author, Cat, beautifully expresses her thoughts, insights into life, and anything else that comes into her mind. Shes wonderfully eloquent, optimistic and downright refreshing. She doesn't post enough, which is the only problem with this blog. But hey, we can change that ;)


The second blog that comes to mind is CrazyRed's blog, 'Journal Of A Twisted Mind', which I have linked. Heres the link anyway:

http://krazyred.blogspot.com (mind the k)

He hasn't updated it since July, which is unfortunate (also the fact that its blue :p). Its an awesome blog, dedicated almost entirely to football - a world I know altogether too little about. The last few posts are less football oriented, and give you a greater look into his mind. What I like about this blog is that, when I read it, there are so many things I agree with, and so many I dont. Its also very honestly written - unlike mine, its not written to be read (:p) but written exactly as he himself would speak it, I find. It comes straight from the heart.

The third blog that comes to mind is that of Arabian Princess (or, as we lovingly call her, Arby!).'UmQusai's Thoughts'. Arby's a pure professional, at least thats how I see her, and her blog gives me no reason to see her any differently. Of a very traditional background, she has a deep respect for her culture and traditional way of life, and yet understands modernization more than many of us would like to be able to say we do, and through the blog
she shows how she tackles this (and integrates it into her life). It makes for interesting reading. I find she also has a great respect for other points of view, something thats often lacking in people's rationale.


Am I at three or four? This is easier than I thought! This blog I was hesitant to include, because it hasn't been update in a while, but I just checked, and its been updated lots since I last checked! (July... :s) 'A. Woman In Black'! An American, working in Oman, talks about her daily life in this completely alien culture (alien to her that is - although this is Oman, theres always something new to discover, even to us Omanis ;) ). I love her writing style and her sense of humour, and the way her mood shines through her posts - be it happy, excited, depressed or whatever, you can really feel it. Again, as with CrazyRed's its that honest post-writing style. This is one of my favourite blogs, and I'm glad its being updated again!


The last blog, well, this was the first one on my mind originally. But the blogmaster doesn't want me to reveal her blog address, or even her name. Its a private blog, for her and close friends only. She knows who she is though ;) Its been a while since I visited (I lost the address and I haven't had the chance to ask you! When you read this, please PM me your blog address!). Its one of the coolest blogs I've ever written. Primarily it deals with her life and her struggle through university, but the culture is completely new to me. I simply love the way shes always optimistic about everything, and brutally honest. The way her angst is expressed, and the way she deals with it. I'm not really sure what I can say that would differentiate it from any other, but..well, this is a tribute to her blog :)

Phew, that was tough. There were other blogs I wanted to mention - Muscatis is notable, its probably my favourite blog. Its very interesting, but I didnt feel it fit the criteria. Same with Sam's blog, but again it didn't quite fit. Mbarak's would probably have fit, but I guess it didnt cut the list. Next time maybe :)

Have a nice Blog Day!

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