Saturday, May 20, 2006

Post-Winter, Post-Haste.

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How fast time flies. Its a saturday night, more of a sunday morning really. I went out tonight, first time I go out on a saturday night in about 6 months, more or less. Probably more. It was a spur of the moment thing - I was at the gym with O after the library closed (close at 5pm on Saturday, for God knows what reason - probably to keep social rejects like me out). Just as we were leaving, he said he couldnt bear to go home to his family tonight, and wanted an escape. He suggested we go watch The Da Vinci Code, even though the reviews were shite. So we said yeah, okay. So we went - me, O, R1 and R2. Basically we just went back to my place, picked up R1, then went immediately to pick up R2, and went.

We didn't reserve tickets. Da Vinci Code - sold out. MI3? God forbid I pay money to see Mr. Scientology, but we were already out - a night out's a night out - and there was no turning back. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?) MI3 was also sold out. There was one more option...


A word of advice...dont watch The King.. Just dont. I dont care if it got decent reviews, its the worst trash Ive seen in...well...six months. Long story short - kid comes, meets his father, impregnates his half sister, kills his half brother, kills his half sister. There, I've saved you about 2 hours of your life, with which you can do something useful with.

How sad I've become. The other day I was talking to a friend about their weekend plans, and they're like "library? hah, Im not THAT sad! I dont study on weekends." And I'm just at a loss of works. Im thinking: you dont study on weekends? What else is there to do? HOW DO YOU PASS THE TIME?? That was a few days ago, and I only realised the absolute, pityful tragedy of that a few hours back (in the movie, ironically enough). But this year I just dont have time. I know people say, hey you're still undergrad, dont work so hard - but you gotta. I gotta. So I do.

Last year at this time I was reading some quality stuff - 100 Years of Solitude, Shadow of the Wind. Good books, amazing books. But for the past few weeks I've been trudging through the inexorably boring The Historian. This book got good reviews, had a pretty interesting plot (in theory), and had a nice cover. I expected it to be something dark and fascinating - when the subject matter is Dracula, it damn well better be. Instead I find this book about *WARNING: SPOILERS:* some girl plodding along, digging up her fathers old letters, the story moving painfully slowly in all directions but the right one. I would say, purely because of the subject matter, that it has the potential to impress yet, but unfortunately I gave up hope about a hundred pages back. Even the plot twists I dont much care for. Theres 2 reasons I havent given up yet:

1) Its about Dracula - something good has GOT to happen soon.
2) I gave up my last book half way too (autobio of MLK).

Im very disappointed, because I was hoping for something literary. This book tries to be literary and doesnt do a very good job of it, instead coming across as trying to be The Da Vinci code, but without the pace or esotericism. Its sad really - I had high hopes for this.

Bedtime - need to be up by 7:30am tomorrow so I can get to the library early...Sunday morning. I live a wonderfully exciting life. Well, at least theres the hope of football - assuming that this dreadful weather we've been having these last few days lets up, and the sun shines once more. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

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  1. Blogger muscati posted at 5/21/2006 07:56:00 AM  
    The Historian is definitely shite. I don't care if it's about Dracula. I still gave up about 200 pages in. In the first 100 pages the endless trip, travel description, short piece of store, stop, back to amsterdam, flash forward, another trip... was killing me. Just when that ended it entered into another routine of reading parts of her father's unbelievably long and detailed letters to her.. For God's Sake! Life's too short for this shite. I've yet to read a good book this year.
  2. Blogger Tia posted at 5/21/2006 01:21:00 PM  
    I gave up mid 2nd chapter...2 boring. I agree though the cover is really attractive! lol
  3. Anonymous fatoomah posted at 5/22/2006 10:52:00 AM  
    Vampires. Yum.

    Hehe loved the precis of The King. Sounds like you :P

    Cheer up youuu, you sound so down :(
  4. Blogger illogicist posted at 5/22/2006 02:37:00 PM  
    @Muscati: you've motivated me to put it down. I WOULD - I really would - except I dont have anything I want to read right now. Fiction books waiting to be read, I have:

    - Memoirs of a Geisha : promised a friend I'd read it, but Im just not in the mood.
    - Kafka on the Shore : this looks like it'll be arty farty and philosophical. Its good at times, but not now. I need something I can read without using too much brain.
    - The Prophet (Gibran): well...hmm. I could read this I guess. I know I have to, but...argh. The writing style puts me off for now (see above).
    I have 2 books I got free with a 25p independent. They have praise on their covers, but Im skeptical. They are both war stories. Maybe Im being picky, but...I am being picky.

    Everything else I have to read right now is plitical or historical, and I have enough of that to study for. So I might have to stick with The Historian.

    @Tia: its beautiful. I buy books because of their covers, I kid you not. btw, BlackSwanGreen is out (I think thats the name), the new David Mitchell. Some say its brilliant, some say its not so great. Ill wait till it comes out on paperback though.

    @fatoomah: yeah, you know more than anyone my unhealthy fascination with vampires :D I even think I wrote a blogpost once about my issues with modern day 'buffy' vampires. REAL vampires are not like that. REAL vampires have class. If we finally get to see dracula in The Historian, and hes a letdown, I'll burn the cursed thing.

    PS - ...nevermind

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