Wednesday, November 23, 2005

...when nothing suprises you anymore

NP - Immortal Technique - Revolutionary Vol. 2

It happens often to me - I get amazed by something thats so unlikely, I say to myself that nothing could possibly suprise me. It happens every now and then, and always later on something else happens that just leaves me speechless. In the past week, hell in the past three days I've been left speechless three times. I'd like to think that I've seen it all now, I'll never be suprised again, but again I know, maybe next week, hell maybe tomorrow something'll happen that'll leave me speechless once more.

I guess its just nice to know that life still has some surprises in store for you.

Posted by illogicist at 3:04 PM


  1. Blogger Libellula posted at 11/23/2005 03:16:00 PM  
    life is full of surprises, and will always be :)
  2. Blogger Noors posted at 11/24/2005 04:42:00 AM  
    That's life alright..

    Full of breath taking moments!!
  3. Blogger NiGhTFaCe posted at 11/24/2005 08:36:00 AM  
    Its full of surprises! Unless you put some expectations where I still think the surprises will never stop :p

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