Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Voter Apathy

NP - The Autumn Offering - Bonds In Which We Break

I now understand it. I'm happy that there are signs that many voters, in marginal constituencies, are shunning Blair, due to the Iraq War.

Yesterday the prime minister saw evidence of this when he visited the marginal seat of Bristol West. As he reached into a line of well-wishers to shake hands, one woman rejected Mr Blair's outstretched arm and shouted: "I will not shake the hand of a killer." (BBC)

But Im worried - who are they voting for? It would be brilliant if there was a massive surge towards the Lib Dems, the only party that appears to matter. But what if they are voting Tory? That would suck. I would prefer more Phony Blair than Count Howard (''are you drinking what we're drinking?''). So why vote, whats the point. Really. Ugh.

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