Monday, April 25, 2005

The Composition Of Man

NP - Audioslave - Cochise

What are we made of. What comprises 'Sub7i', 'Fred', 'Madiha', etc.? Are we just a mix of organs performing various tasks, that make the whole? A medley of electrical impulses, which just happen to spark emotion, reflex, and cognitive action?
Being the wannable spiritual guru that I am, I dont really see it this way. Right now, my 'theory' is still very hazy, so bear with me. This is just an outline of something I'll develop more deeply in future.

Sub7i isn't one. Everybody, I see it, is comprised of 5 different parts, each performing different functions, but work together to complete the whole - the Sub7i you see, hear, interact with. The same goes with Fred, Madiha, and everyone else - but the importance of the roles of each of these 5 elements differ from person to person. These 5 parts are:

1. The Heart - may or may not be the actual physical heart, I dont know. But basically this is the emotional centre. This is at least as important as each of the others. I dont need to describe how we feel things with our 'heart' and not our mind - love, hate, ambition, etc., all the things that make us unique, and more than just robots.

2. The Mind - the cognitive center, the 'rational' aspect that doesnt let the heart run wild. Ideally, it works with the heart, and we have a perfect mix of heart and mind in everything. This is also the learning center, blah blah, all the stuff that the brain does.

3. The Soul - the thing that holds it all together. If anything was really 'you', it would be the soul - since its the only thing that remains when we go. If you consider the human as an organisation, this would be the boss, that listens to all the other components and, well, 'does things'. Its beyond me thus far to describe the soul with any more depth.

4. The Body - a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. The body is to an extent independant from the rest, but they depend on the body to keep going. We all know how important it is to be phyiscally healthy, etc. to our mental well being and that. The self isnt just mental anyway: its physical as well.

5. The Sexual Organ - I like to think of this as the 'retarded little brother'. :P I dont know how to describe it...but the sexual organ relies on the other 4 to keep it 'healthy', depends on them for everything, and yet provides one of the most important jobs of all: the continuation of the self - the transfer of mind, heart, body and soul into the next generation.

Sometimes when I sit and think about 'me', I do get these 5 different parts. Its strange, but I really do feel it. And its given me a new appreciation of each of these aspects, and of 'me' as a whole. A sort of synergy. I suggest trying it one day: sit down, and try to divide yourself into these 5 parts: think of each one separately, its functions, what it controls, how prominent each one is in you (some for instance see the heart as more 'outspoken', others the mind).

Heres the strange bit: yes it sounds weird, but hear me out. Try to listen to each part. Listen to what your heart is saying, your mind, your body. I find each talks to me, tells me stuff (yes, sounds weird, but let yourself drift a little). For me, the only one that doesnt really talk is the sexual organ (the retarded little brother), I dont know if its because I am not at the stage to listen to it (I'm not producing children :P) or what, but its there, and its vital to the wellbeing of all.


NP - Porcupine Tree - Arriving Somewhere, But Not Here

Posted by illogicist at 2:48 PM


  1. Blogger Rhubarb posted at 1/27/2006 07:30:00 PM  
    Im impressed. Interesting theory, well articulated and a great read!

    I'm gonna take your advice and try to listen to all components a little more. At the moment, some get more attentiveness than others...

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