Saturday, April 30, 2005


NP - Dave Caswell - Forestall

Today 3 people told me that I had made their day...without even trying :p its a great feeling.

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Feels Like Oman

NP - Katatonia - No Good Can Come Of This

9:57am. I've been awake for about an hour. The nature of my setup means that my PC is almost always on, and so when I wake up, I take one step from my bed and sit down at my PC. Its terrible and unhealthy, but there you go. Anyway, breakfast awaits. This song just reminded me of last night, which was funny, I guess. Tried to decide on a movie, couldn't make up our minds so we went to (lo and behold) eat. I've already put back the 2 kgs I lost last month in Oman. And then what? We drove around like idiots listening to the RADIO.

Lol, as I said, feels like Oman. I don't know if thats a good thing or a bad thing :p.

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Kasabian, Porcupine Tree

Np - Kasabian - I.D.

Im starting to get into this brit rock a little more. Well, I've always been a Porcupine Tree fan, but when I lent my friend their new CD 'Deadwing' he lent me this Kasabian CD. Its okay, not bad, not deserving of the lavish praise it received. But its okay...average, and not really my kind of thing.

But I am getting into this brit rock. Pineapple Thief is probably my favourite Brit band.

Its actually weird. My tastes in music are changing. I used to be 100% death metal, and now I'm shifted away into progressive metal, progressive rock, post modern, some reggae, electronica (but not techno, yuck), flamenco, ehtnic, lots and lots of jazz. Classical has always been there, but more strongly now, which is very strange since, well, events have occured which would have pushed me away from that, but somehow I'm moving closer towards it. Its all very strange, and yet really cool.

All thanks to my fresh orange juice. I squeeze it daily, and it works wonders. As a student, you dont expect this do you, but I find breakfast with a glass of freshly-squeezed orange juice...well...magic (or magik, if you will)!

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005


I understand it'll be a little difficult getting them to people. However, what I'll do is if anyone wants me to buy one in their name, I'll buy it. I'll be the one paying of course, and I'll be keeping the armband - or giving it as a gift. But it will be done in ur name. If 10 people tell me to get in in their name, ill get 10. If 20, Ill get 20. If zero...well, I wont get any extra :(

Do your part ;) Im the one paying, and I'm doing it gladly!

Lace wristband.

Silicone wristband.

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Im Gonna Miss My Bus

NP - Neil Zaza - Im Alright

...but time for some facts, nonetheless!

from ... I recommend visiting the site and reading up. I bought the book, but havent had a chance to get past the introduction yet.

The following text was the basis of a presentation by Tarek El Diwany at Cambridge University's "One World Week" during February 2002

One kind of terrorism hasn't been making the news recently. Its weapon is debt, and it is a most efficient killer.
"Relieved of their annual debt repayments, the severely indebted countries could use the funds for investments that in Africa alone would save the lives of about 21 million children by 2000 and provide 90 million girls and women with access to basic education"
UNDP Human Development Report 1997, p. 93

The poor nations of the world are told that if they borrow and invest wisely, they will be able to repay their debts and more. But they've been hearing this for fifty years, and the debt just keeps on growing.

1980 1990 2000
Developing country debt ($bn) 525.4 1259.8 2140.6
Actual payments of interest plus principal ($bn) 73.4 140.6 337.8
IMF World Economic Outlook 2001

Western economists tell the developing world that growth will generate sufficient wealth for all their people. But ours is a very unequal world, so when the growth comes few people see its benefits.
"225 people own more wealth than the poorest 2.5 billion people"
UNDP Human Development Report 1998

The development institutions trumpet their aid to the world, to show that something is being done. But what is given with one hand, is taken back many times over with the other. According to the World Bank, in 1999 Angola received $261m in aid but paid $1144m in debt service, Cameroon received $190m in aid but paid $549m in debt service, Kenya received $195m in aid but paid $716m in debt service, and Vietnam received 257m in aid but paid 1410m in debt service (Global Development Finance, 2001).

When charity pop concerts for Africa are held in London or New York, the tens of millions raised are typically enough to pay the continent's interest bill for a few hours. In 1999, the developing countries excluding the Eastern block were more than $2,030 billion in debt to the developed world (Global Development Finance, 2001). In 2000, the IMF put the figure for total developing country debt at $2,140 billion (World Economic Outlook, 2000). Some $700 million per day now flows in debt repayment from the developing world to the developed world (UNDP Human Development Report, 1997).

If we examine some basic indicators of wellbeing, we can begin to see the physical consequences of the debt. In 1995 the industrialised countries experienced child mortality (the number of deaths at less than 5 years of age per 1000 live births) at a rate of 16. In south Asia the figure was 109, and in sub-Saharan Africa it was 169 (UNDP Human Development Report 1998). This should not surprise us. In Tanzania, debt repayment was six times spending on healthcare, whilst in Uganda annual spending was £2 per person on healthcare and £11.50 per person on debt repayment (Jubilee 2000).

According to the United Kingdom's Department for International Development in 2000, 1.2 billion people live in "abject poverty", meaning that they have no basic medical care, nutrition or housing. In the sub-Sahara, 48% of people go without health services, 48% of people are without safe water and 42% are illiterate, whilst in south-Asia the corresponding figures are 22%, 18% and 49.5%. Measured in 1987 US Dollars, GDP per capita in sub Sahara was $520 and in South Asia $521, whilst in the Industrialised Countries it was $12,764 (1995 figures compiled in UNDP Human Development Report, 1998).

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Make Poverty History

Below is an email I got from their mailing list today. Hope you read it and appreciate the mission, even if you cant get involved. Its geared to my uni, so you wont get certain references.

Basically the campaign is the biggest ever movement to try and end world
poverty. It’s a coalition of over 300 charities (everyone from Oxfam to
Save the Children), organisations and religious groups as well as hundreds
of celebrities (from Brad Pitt to Nelson Mandela to Jameilla) who are
getting together to try and put a stop to the extreme poverty in the world
which results in 30,000 children dying every day (that’s the equivalent to
the boxing day tsunami every single week!).

This poverty is man made and so with our power we can stop it.

The campaign DOESN’T want your money, it knows only politicians (or the G8)
can change this, and so just wants your support and five minutes of your
time to save millions of lives.

We have three aims:
Trade Justice (Fair trade not free trade, so poor countries have the
possibility to get out of poverty themselves)

Drop the debt (Debt repayments are crippling economies, and nearly all have
paid off their initial debt, but are now paying off the ridiculous rates of

And More and Better Aid (Aid from rich countries is still under the UN’s
recommendations and is often tied in with conditions and clauses)

2005 is a unique opportunity as the UK holds the EU presidency and is
hosting the G8 summit, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown are already doing more
than most (surprising I know), but with your pressure they can do so SO
much more!

What you’re now part of (thank-you) at Southampton is getting as many
students backing this as possible. We have the full support of Any Wilson
(SUSU pres) and have some things planned such as a huge white banner
wrapped round SUSU, talks and video nights as well as urging all of YOU
guys to pressure the governments of the world in different way to change
these unfair rules.

I therefore ask a few things of you, Firstly and most importantly spend just
5 minutes to visit: , it’s a great website with
loads of info, BUT most importantly please sign up to their mailing list as
well (and get emails from everyone from Bob Geldof to Brad Pitt!) and V
IMPORTANT you can email Tony Blair to tell him to change the rules and make
poverty history – do it now!

Secondly please buy a white band – it’s the symbol of the campaign, and I
know bands are now something of a fashion accessory, but these aren’t!
They’re a sign of solidarity and pressure on governments to say we won’t
stand for it any more! They will be available in the SUSU shop for a pound
very shortly – but keep nagging them when you go in and ask them if they
got them yet!

Sounds big, innit. Lets hope it makes a difference. I tried to get my hand on a couple of white bands, but no luck. But I'll be able to get em soon.

I'm taking orders! Anyone who wants a white band, leave a comment, and I'll see if theres a way to get it to you :p

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005


oooh so cute :(

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Voter Apathy

NP - The Autumn Offering - Bonds In Which We Break

I now understand it. I'm happy that there are signs that many voters, in marginal constituencies, are shunning Blair, due to the Iraq War.

Yesterday the prime minister saw evidence of this when he visited the marginal seat of Bristol West. As he reached into a line of well-wishers to shake hands, one woman rejected Mr Blair's outstretched arm and shouted: "I will not shake the hand of a killer." (BBC)

But Im worried - who are they voting for? It would be brilliant if there was a massive surge towards the Lib Dems, the only party that appears to matter. But what if they are voting Tory? That would suck. I would prefer more Phony Blair than Count Howard (''are you drinking what we're drinking?''). So why vote, whats the point. Really. Ugh.

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Monday, April 25, 2005


NP - Nujabes + Fat Jon - How You Feel

ARGH! Why is it so DIFFICULT!

Me and my 3 mates are looking for a house for next year. We've spent ages looking, and everything always seem to go wrong. On Sunday we see a house, and it freaking smells like VOMIT. It wasnt a house, it was a freakin pigsty. Urgh,, we saw 2 houses...both were quite nice (super compared to the pigsty) BUT with their own weaknesses. Major ones too. Unbelievable.

You can not believe how taxing and draining this is, physically and mentally. Example: got up this morning at 7:30, and got to campus at 8:30. Had breakfast, started study by 9am. Went to a lecture at 11, finished at noon...and did some more study for a MIDTERM i had in 2 hours...bought some fruits, lugging them around the whole time. Finished the midterm, went to the library to do the homework that I have for tomorrow. Just finished it, ran off to see a house at 5pm. Nice house, but tiny and crappy kitchen and bathroom. Got lost on the way too. On the way, I realised I had left some of the fruits at the house. Screw it, not worth walking back. Next house to see was at 7pm. Killed an hour (not worth going home), then walked ages and ages, with my backpack andmy fruits, got lost again, and finally saw the house. Nice, cozy, comfy...but small. And a bit distance. Woe is me.

Got home at about 9 or 9:30pm. God dammit. And I have 2 more houses to see tomorrow.

NP - Katatonia - Dont Tell A Soul

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The Composition Of Man

NP - Audioslave - Cochise

What are we made of. What comprises 'Sub7i', 'Fred', 'Madiha', etc.? Are we just a mix of organs performing various tasks, that make the whole? A medley of electrical impulses, which just happen to spark emotion, reflex, and cognitive action?
Being the wannable spiritual guru that I am, I dont really see it this way. Right now, my 'theory' is still very hazy, so bear with me. This is just an outline of something I'll develop more deeply in future.

Sub7i isn't one. Everybody, I see it, is comprised of 5 different parts, each performing different functions, but work together to complete the whole - the Sub7i you see, hear, interact with. The same goes with Fred, Madiha, and everyone else - but the importance of the roles of each of these 5 elements differ from person to person. These 5 parts are:

1. The Heart - may or may not be the actual physical heart, I dont know. But basically this is the emotional centre. This is at least as important as each of the others. I dont need to describe how we feel things with our 'heart' and not our mind - love, hate, ambition, etc., all the things that make us unique, and more than just robots.

2. The Mind - the cognitive center, the 'rational' aspect that doesnt let the heart run wild. Ideally, it works with the heart, and we have a perfect mix of heart and mind in everything. This is also the learning center, blah blah, all the stuff that the brain does.

3. The Soul - the thing that holds it all together. If anything was really 'you', it would be the soul - since its the only thing that remains when we go. If you consider the human as an organisation, this would be the boss, that listens to all the other components and, well, 'does things'. Its beyond me thus far to describe the soul with any more depth.

4. The Body - a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. The body is to an extent independant from the rest, but they depend on the body to keep going. We all know how important it is to be phyiscally healthy, etc. to our mental well being and that. The self isnt just mental anyway: its physical as well.

5. The Sexual Organ - I like to think of this as the 'retarded little brother'. :P I dont know how to describe it...but the sexual organ relies on the other 4 to keep it 'healthy', depends on them for everything, and yet provides one of the most important jobs of all: the continuation of the self - the transfer of mind, heart, body and soul into the next generation.

Sometimes when I sit and think about 'me', I do get these 5 different parts. Its strange, but I really do feel it. And its given me a new appreciation of each of these aspects, and of 'me' as a whole. A sort of synergy. I suggest trying it one day: sit down, and try to divide yourself into these 5 parts: think of each one separately, its functions, what it controls, how prominent each one is in you (some for instance see the heart as more 'outspoken', others the mind).

Heres the strange bit: yes it sounds weird, but hear me out. Try to listen to each part. Listen to what your heart is saying, your mind, your body. I find each talks to me, tells me stuff (yes, sounds weird, but let yourself drift a little). For me, the only one that doesnt really talk is the sexual organ (the retarded little brother), I dont know if its because I am not at the stage to listen to it (I'm not producing children :P) or what, but its there, and its vital to the wellbeing of all.


NP - Porcupine Tree - Arriving Somewhere, But Not Here

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Mon blog est reborn.

NP - Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Californication

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